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Simplify operations, increase profitability

From post-closing to payoff, Willow’s software increases your team’s productivity by automating manual, error-prone tasks.

Supports diverse loan products

White labeled customer experience

Custom workflows, ensured compliance

Efficiency & Confidence

Learn how mortgage lenders and servicers increase operational productivity through automation

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2 week implementation for instant ROI

A simple onboarding process setup Victorian Finance for success in a fast-evolving market.

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Automated task reduction

First World Mortgage automated post closing procedures and reduced manual tasks by 80%.

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Driving certainty & confidence with new technology

Tomo Mortgage turned time intensive tasks into automated processes with minimal oversight.

Designed for lenders & lean servicing teams

Create instant value with Willow's automated solutions

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Post Closing Automation

Lightweight platform designed to sell and transfer loans to investors seamlessly.

Automated notifications

Robust borrower portal

Portfolio visibility

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Portfolio Servicing

Flexible and intuitive cloud-platform designed to reduce your cost to service.

Supports most loan types

Automated servicing logic

Mobile first borrower experience

Modernizing mortgage servicing

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Willow Servicing Enhances the Customer Experience

Hear about how Willow is changing First World Mortgage's "internal mentality" about in-house servicing.

Resource Center

Achieving 100% Payment Rates

One of the most important metrics we track at Willow is our on-time payments rate.

Resource Center

Willow Servicing's $6M Seed Round

We are excited to announce that we’ve closed a $6M seed round!



Security is important to us.

Willow Servicing is built on secure infrastructure that ensures your mortgage data is protected. We also enforce a comprehensive set of policies that proactively mitigate risks and promote security at Willow. Willow's software is SOC 2, Type II compliant.

Let's get in touch

We'd love to show you how Willow can save your team time and increase profitability.

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