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About Willow Servicing

Guiding borrowers through homeownership

From first to final payment, Willow believes that servicing technology should better service homeowners.

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Redefining mortgage servicing technology

Willow was founded in 2021 on the premise that borrowers deserve better. While often overlooked, ineffective mortgage servicing reduces access to credit and homeownership. We are rebuilding the core technology used by mortgage servicers and providing the tools for the industry to better serve lenders like you.

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Our North Star

Put borrowers in control

It shouldn’t take a PhD to understand mortgages. We aim to give borrowers visibility into the status of their mortgage and control over their home & finances.

Automate loan servicing operations

The days of furiously clicking around in software are over. Beyond being user-friendly, Willow automates routine tasks, such as generating tax forms and reporting transfers.


Willow Servicing CEO

Laura Cain

CEO, Co-Founder

Laura was an early team member at Snapdocs, where she was part of the initial team focused on building an eClose solution for mortgage lenders. Laura was previously a venture investor at Thomvest and consultant at Deloitte. Laura graduated from UC Berkeley.

Willow Servicin CTO

Teddy Coleman

CTO, Co-Founder

Teddy was an engineering manager at Ironclad, where he led their Repository & Reporting team. Teddy was previously a software engineer at DataFox and a product manager at BlackRock. He graduated from Harvard and is an avid chess player, having achieved the title of International Master in 2012.


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Let's get in touch

We'd love to show you how Willow can save your team time and increase profitability.

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