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Willow Servicing & Vesta Partner to Create a Seamless Connection Between Origination and Servicing

Willow Servicing and Vesta pave the way for an end-to-end digitized mortgage process

Willow Servicing is excited to announce the integration of our mortgage servicing platform with Vesta, the creator of a modern loan origination system. This partnership marks a significant step toward harmonizing traditionally segmented origination and servicing processes. Our integration provides seamless, end-to-end connectivity from application through post-close, removing all manual steps for managing loans as they transition between systems and departments.

In a rare feat for this industry, the integration was completed within just one week, underscoring the exceptional agility and efficiency of both teams. Early mutual customers can now harness this integration to significantly simplify their interim servicing processes, historically known to be complex and burdensome for both lenders and borrowers.

To automate interim servicing processes, such as generating borrower notices, reconciling mortgage payments, and tracking taxes and insurance, Vesta and Willow Servicing have come together, leveraging Vesta's agile technology and Willow Servicing's robust APIs to streamline this critical phase. The integration allows lenders to automatically push loans directly to Willow's solution from the Vesta platform, enabling them to maintain control during this vital stage and ultimately enhance the overall borrower experience.

"This partnership marks a significant step toward harmonizing traditionally segmented origination and servicing processes."

“Seamlessly integrating a loan origination system with a mortgage servicing system removes a major point of friction in the mortgage lifecycle and unlocks tremendous value for lenders, servicers, and investors,” said Laura Cain, CEO of Willow Servicing. “Vesta and Willow's rapid progress is a testament to the strength of both teams and products and we are extremely excited for the impact this integration will have on reducing costs and errors for our customers.”

"We are thrilled to bring this powerful integration to the market," said Vesta CEO, Mike Yu. "In a short time, we have achieved a significant milestone, and we are eager to see the positive impact it will have on helping our lender customers increase efficiency in their post-close processes. The collaboration between our teams and the agility of Willow's APIs have made this rapid progress possible."


To learn more about Willow Servicing’s solutions, request a demo online, email us at hello@willowservicing, or call us at (415) 825-6022.


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