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Willow Servicing Redefines Customer Success

Customer success is a proactive approach to anticipating customer challenges and needs that goes beyond simple support.

Willow knows that customer success involves developing strategies to maximize the value customers derive from a product or service. Excellent customer success aims to build long-term relationships with customers by ensuring their success and helping them achieve their unique goals. This involves understanding and empathizing with their needs, providing hands-on guidance or resources, and acting as a strategic partner.

In the context of the mortgage industry's rapid growth in technology, software providers in this sector will need to redefine their customer success strategy to adapt to the changing landscape and meet the evolving needs of their customers. Nataliia Peterheria with writes “The global market for digital lending platforms reached a value of $5.84 billion in 2021. And it’s expected to grow by 25.9% annually until 2030.”

Deep Understanding of Customer Needs

At Willow, we believe customer success is more than selling add-ons. We continuously invest in understanding lender pain points, challenges, and objectives related to the mortgage servicing process. We know that in order to grow our product and business, we need our customers to first experience unmatched value. In order to do that, we must remain a partner to our lenders and invest in creating tools that not only meet their requirements, but exceed them as well.

"Willow works endlessly to evolve and to try and streamline every process. It makes my job easier and gives me time back in my day.” - Nicole G, Loan Servicing Manager

Tailored Solutions and Personalization

With the growth of lending technology, Willow Servicing understands that customers have access to a variety of options. To stand out in this competitive landscape, Willow has focused on delivering tailored solutions that meet the unique requirements of our customers. Willow supports a customized borrower experience with API capabilities that align with the specific workflows used by mortgage lenders.

"As a digital lender, Willow was important for our brand. We can provide borrowers with a customized online portal that's intuitive and easy to use. Willow also allowed us to customize the language on monthly statements and goodbye letters, which our marketing team loved." - Amy C, Secondary Marketing Team Lead

Proactive Support and Training

Effective customer success strategies involve proactive support and training initiatives. Too often we see software providers commit to light training and quickly remove themselves from the process, leaving their customers confused or unaware when new and exciting features eventually roll out. Most of our lenders are up and running in two weeks as Willow offers a simple and guided onboarding process, ensuring a smooth go-live implementation. Willow’s on-going training, educational resources, and robust release notes empower customers to maximize the full potential of the software and ensure they are taking advantage of new features and functionalities.

“Willow was very simple to onboard" and was “one of the smoothest vendor onboarding experiences they have been involved in. I have worked with other vendors, and they don’t provide the level of detail which leaves a lot on the lender's plate.” - Natalee B, SVP of Post Closing, QC & Servicing

Relationship Building and Collaboration

At Willow Servicing, we understand the importance of providing exceptional customer support and building strong relationships with our clients. That's why we take a different approach compared to other software providers. Instead of relying solely on tickets and support boards, we provide our customers with a direct line of communication and a dedicated Customer Success Manager.

“Willow platform is easy to use and regularly updated. Customer support is excellent!" - Kristin W, Controller

Willow's customer success strategy aligns with the evolving needs of the mortgage industry and the rapid growth of lending technology. By valuing partnerships with our customers, Willow Servicing provides thoughtful solutions that remove tasks and streamline the mortgage servicing process, rather than adding unnecessary complexity.

With the right software and right support, technology is extremely empowering. Without a strong customer success team however, companies implementing software put themselves at risk, relinquishing flexibility and control to a black box. At Willow we understand this dynamic and are committed to building a world class customer success team.


If you are interested in viewing a demo or learning more about how Willow can help your company, click here.


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