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How Willow Simplifies Interim Servicing

Willow Servicing is a cloud based software solution minimizing most manual interim servicing tasks. Learn more about how Willow empowers your team to streamline interim servicing below.

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About Willow
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How Willow's solution strengthens your servicing operations

Transparent borrower experience

Provide borrowers clarity and support post-closing. Reduce inbound inquiries through customized communications and instructions.

Safe & convenient payments

Offer borrowers a simple online payment experience. Reduce errors with automatically calculated and scheduled payments & balances.

Efficient servicing operations

Defined logic for automation of repetitive tasks, including account reconciliation and sending the goodbye letter.

Effective data management

Eliminate manual manipulation of loan payment data. Gain visibility into portfolio performance and generate customized reports.

What sets Willow Servicing apart from other solutions



Borrower clarity with a self-serve payments portal



Streamline interim servicing operations and gain portfolio visibility



Leverage existing staff for cost-effective interim servicing



Reduce manual reviews & errors through one servicing transfer




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